To My Readers

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. –Philippians 4: 7-8

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. –John 15: 8


I did not take a vacation, I was terminated for “hate speech,” which translates to, I did not completely condemn Brenton Terrant. If you read the article for which my blog was taken down, you know that it was not an endorsement of Brenton Terrant.(1) But I did express a certain sympathy for what motivated him to do what he did. Mao Tse-tung was the greatest mass executioner in history, and yet I have never heard of a blogger being deplatformed or a writer being blackballed for expressing an admiration for him. And I only expressed a “certain sympathy” for Brenton Terrant.

Because I was taken off and did not leave voluntarily, I did not get a chance to say farewell to my readers. I’m not so naïve to think there was not a great deal of people, perhaps a majority, who read my blog to mock and scorn. But still there were some who got something — dare I say a quickening of the spirit? — when they read my posts. To those people, I want to say that I did not leave voluntarily. The liberals removed me. I only wonder what took them so long, because I do hate liberalism as I hate the devil and all his works.

I thought, and still think that the organized churches have compromised with liberalism, and that the other camp, the neo-pagans, constitute a non-Christian alternative to liberalism. Both those options should be, in my judgement, unacceptable to European Christians. I wrote to present a counter-vision, and I will continue to present that counter-vision if I find a platform for my writing. If not, God bless you, my friends, whom I never saw with the material eye, but shall always hold in my heart. I believe that the Christ of old Europe is the living God and that we can find that God through the “mysterious human relationships” that the liberals have condemned as racist and the church men have condemned as poetical superficiality. St. Paul showed us the better way – charity never faileth.

Brenton Terrant is a terrorist, but it should be noted that his terrorism was a response to Moslem terrorism. That does not make his terrorism acceptable, but it should make us want to look at the cause of his passionate response. He is a young man who desperately wanted to put a stop to terrorism, the terrorism against his people. I was particularly moved by his account of the murder of a young eight year old Swedish girl by Moslem terrorists. That was the terrorist act that made him decide to do something. I ask you, do you want to live in a nation in which your young men do not want to do something to stop that type of terrorism? I live in such a nation, and it is not a place fit for human habitation. But I also do not want to live in a nation in which the only alternative to liberalism is the neo-paganism of Brenton Terrant.

What is at stake is the continued existence of the European people. The liberals have made it clear they want to replace the European people with non-European people. The liberals often kill by proxy through the people of color and in the abortion mills through designated executioners called doctors. Both forms of murder are sanctioned under the guise of democracy. The ‘Christians’ tell us we must never violently resist state-sanctioned white genocide or state-sanctioned abortion, because democracy is the Christian form of government. If that is so, then why is it that the age of democracy has given us wars without chivalry, legalized abortion, and white genocide? Are such things Christian? Must a Christian submit to the dictates of democracy even when such dictates are completely against the Christian faith?

I do not think that the coming of democracy has eliminated the need for Christians to defend the innocent and defend their kith and kin. It is always preferable to defend the innocent and your people with gentle persuasion, but what if the enemy cannot be persuaded? Must we submit without a fight? We must fight as our Lord would have us fight, always obeying the code of chivalry, which seeks to limit the suffering of our enemies, including the wounded and sick and prisoners of war. But can a Christian, in good conscience, refuse to fight because he lives in a democracy?

I didn’t disagree with the passion of Brenton Terrant’s reaction to Moslem terrorism, but I did disagree with the indiscriminate nature of his reaction. I thought and still think that his reaction was outside the boundaries of Christian chivalry. In a follow up to the article that got me shut down, I wrote an article in which I attempted to delineate the differences between the Christian response to the barbarism of the heathens and a non-Christian response to that barbarism. I never got a chance to publish that article, so I’ll publish it now, after this foreword.

We are faced, in the 21st century, the first post-Christian century of the European people’s history, with a perverted theology of violence. There is no longer a Christian charity of honor which places limits on violence. What we have now is state-sanctioned violence with no limits. Whatever is state-sanctioned violence – violence against the unborn, violence against white people, and violence against all peoples and nations not democratic and capitalist – is considered “good violence.” (I have actually heard liberals use that term). ‘Christians’ who are committed to non-violence against the evils of liberalism – whether that violence is legalized abortion (the ultimate act of terrorism), black barbarism, or Moslem terrorism – are usually big supporters of state violence. The mega-bombing wars of the 20th and 21st century were all perpetuated by outright liberals and intellectual Christians. If an individual violently responds to the violence of the Jacobin state, the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife and son, or the murder of LaVoy Finicum, the rancher friend of the Bundy family, or if he violently responds to the violence encouraged and abetted by the liberal state, the Moslem and colored heathen invasion of the white nations, he will be condemned and dealt with by the Jacobin state. That is the law of the liberals. But a genuine Christian, a European Christian, should not be bound by the law of the liberals. There is a higher law, grounded in Christian charity that says we must fight to protect the innocent and we must fight to protect our people. But we must not fight outside the boundaries of Christian chivalry.

I fear that a time is coming, it may already have come, when the European Christian will be forced to side either with the liberals or the neo-pagans, just as the Southerners who wanted a peaceful solution to the secession issue were forced to take up arms with the Southerners who thought violence was the only solution. Violence could be prevented if the liberals wanted to prevent it. They could ban all Moslems from the white nations and enforce a strict segregation of the non-whites and the whites within the confines of the European nations. But they will not do that, because they are the great haters. They hate Christ and they hate the white race that once championed His cause. The race issue is a religious issue. It can’t be solved without reference to Him, the rejected, outcast King of Europe. +


(1) A friend who searches the internet much more than I do informed me that the neo-pagans hate me even more than the liberals hate me. That is understandable, because I have criticized the neo-pagans along with the liberals. The devil often sends us two evils, or even three or four evils, that seem to be diametrically opposed in the hopes that we will choose one evil over the other evil and still remain in his camp. Does the devil really care whether a man is a neo-pagan or a liberal? No, he does not. He has one abiding hatred: he hates Christ and all those men and women who have taken Christ into their hearts. It is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions that young Europeans know nothing of their Christian heritage and see only the rot of liberalism and the stink of neo-paganism before their eyes. And they won’t see an alternative to liberalism and neo-paganism unless the European Christians show them the alternative. How is that possible, considering that the liberals control all means of communication, including the internet? I don’t know. Help of the helpless, Lord, abide with us.

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