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We Must Hate the Devil and His Minions

I will be flesh and blood;For there was never yet philosopherThat could endure the toothache patiently,However they have writ the style of godsAnd made a push at chance and sufferance. – Much Ado About Nothing __________________ On the instant stood … Continue reading

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O Holy Child of Bethlehem

“The world is no doubt encroaching on our families and our Christmas. The hatred against traditional morality is becoming so intense as to be scarcely believable.” – Letter from a friend, December 21, 2019 But the chief priests and elders … Continue reading

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The Young Drummer and the Good Samaritan

Yet this in no wise alters the fact that those who form no more than a part of a universal mish-mash, of a homeless multitude of faceless ‘un-men’, will never have any pride of place or sense of belonging, nor … Continue reading

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