Our Miracle Culture

Rembrandt. The Angel Appears to the Shepherds.

“Tis the time’s plague when madmen lead the blind.” –King Lear


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. –John 1: 1-5


There is one thing certain about the coronavirus: it has become the most politicized virus in the history of the European people. Wasn’t such a politicization inevitable? People without a blood faith must turn to the abstract ‘science’ of politics to convince themselves that “still they live” and to convince the aggregate herd (there are no human personalities in modern democracies) that their political schemes can bring mankind happiness and freedom from suffering.

In contrast to the modern purveyors of secular happiness stands Jesus Christ. He promised His followers a cross. That was a very odd promise for someone running for office. But of course Christ wasn’t running for any office; He was and is the Word made flesh, and He left us free to reject Him or take Him into our hearts. Again, wasn’t that rather foolish? Who wants to take a crucifixion into their heart? Certainly not the liberals of either the mad-dog or classical mold. We dare not fall into the trap of choosing between the liberalism of the mad-dog liberal and the classical liberal, who is now called a conservative, because both forms of liberalism lead us to hell.

I have quoted Thomas Mann’s story before, but I want to reference it again because it is apropos. Back in ancient times a Greek servant, an Athenian, was doing the shopping for his master. While going about the business of shopping he saw Death in the marketplace, and Death looked at him with what the servant considered a threatening look. He stopped shopping, ran back to his master’s house, and started packing his meager belongings. His master asked him what he was doing. “I’m sorry, I must leave you for a time. I was in the marketplace, and Death looked at me with a threatening glance, so I’m going to Crete to escape him.”

So the servant left for Crete. His master then went to the marketplace to find Death, and when he found him, he asked him why he had looked at his servant with a threatening glance. Death replied, “I did not look at your servant with a threatening glance. That was a look of surprise. You see, I have an appointment with him today in Crete.”

The tragic irony of the coronavirus crisis is that it is a man-made tragedy; it is the result of the liberals’ (both classical and mad-dog) attempt to escape from Christ.  We all suffer and die, but our suffering increases tenfold when we try to avoid the cross of Christ. The European people have had devastating plagues when they were a Christian people, but this particular plague, or virus, is the result of liberalism; it was not an inevitable part of the European story because we would not, if we were a Christian people, have opened up our borders to the heathens of color. A Christian nation is a provincial nation; the leaders of a Christian nation care about the particular people within their nation and they endeavor to protect their people from the dangers that come from the pestilence that walketh at noonday through open borders. The coronavirus deaths, the unemployment, the despair that has led to increased suicides, are all the result of the liberals’ hatred of Christ and the classical liberals’ indifference to Christ.

In order to highlight the differences between a Christian people with Christian leaders and the current European nations led by liberals and classical liberals, let us pretend that the coronavirus has entered into a fictional Christian nation. What would and would not be the Christian response to the virus? Let us start with the scientists, the ‘experts.’ If they looked at existence through a heart connected to Christ, they would try to provide their nation’s leadership with accurate information about the virus. They would not invent an end-of-the-world-plague scenario in order to give their liberal cohorts the excuse to place the nation under martial law. And what would the fourth estate and the respective houses of Congress do in a Christian nation? They would rally around their king or their president in his attempts to combat the virus. They would not automatically oppose the use of a drug that seemed to offer people a cure for the disease simply because their king or president recommended it. Nor would they close down the country in an effort to ruin the economy so they could destroy their political opponent. But of course we do not have a Christian nation, and the Demoncrats have tried to destroy Trump by rolling up the death tolls and destroying the economy.

Now let us look, through the eyes of the people in our fictional Christian nation, at the classical liberals. At first glance the conservatives, who consist of the intellectual Christians, the libertarians, the Jeffersonians, and the Darwinian capitalists, seem to represent the good because they oppose the mad-dog liberals. But the conservatives have their own agenda that is also opposed to Christ’s reign of charity. It is unChristian to destroy another man’s livelihood in order to destroy your political opponent; that is what the Demoncrats are doing. But it is also unChristian to ‘open up’ your nation, citing the Darwinian Swedes, because nature is all and nature does not care about the individual, it only cares about the herd. The conservatives are the greatest danger to our faith because they seem preferable to the Demoncrats. However, there should be something inside of us that is horrified by the cold rationality of the conservatives such as Heather MacDonald: “Conservative values like small government, self-reliance, and liberty can be defended without recourse to invisible deities or the religions that exalt them.” That immoral imbecility can only come from a mind that has been thoroughly ‘educated’ in modern universities specializing in the ‘Ye shall be as gods’ theology of Satan. We cannot decide anything of importance — and how we respond to a plague or virus is important — without reference to that “invisible deity” within, whom our ancestors believed to be that very visible God who suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; and on the third day He rose again from the dead.

We, as a people, have lost touch with the miracle culture of old Europe, the culture of Christ Crucified, Christ Risen, because first our churchmen, and then, following in the churchmen’s footsteps, our secular rulers, have damned the God-given divinity within man; they blasphemed against the Holy Ghost in order to champion that which was outside of man, the natural world which could be dissected by the mind of man. The new faith became an outward thing held together by science.  The mad-dog liberals accuse their enemies, the classical liberals, of being unscientific, and the classical liberals fire back with the same charge against the mad-dog liberals. But neither side is willing to repudiate the new holy ghost, which is science.

The professed Christians in modern Europe have managed to keep faith with the mad-dog liberals by wedging Christ into the first part of the liberals’ trinity, which is the abstract intellect. If faith in Christ becomes a philosophy, it is still possible for the ‘Christian’ to maintain the liberals’ faith in the noble black savage and science. That is why organized Christianity does not give the white grazer an alternative faith to liberalism. The churchmen have forsaken Christ for the promise of liberalism: “Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” But why then can the churchmen, the conservative liberals, not see the evil of liberalism and the good that was in the antique Europeans? Why are the liberals deemed good and the antique Europeans deemed evil? Is it because the latter were racist and sexist? Yes, it is. But why is pietas evil? And why is a recognition that women, the life-bearers and the life-nurturers, have a different role than men, the Christ-bearers, evil? All of the maniacal, satanic hubris of modern man can be summed up by the words of St. Paul in Romans 1: 22: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Our modern European civilization, which is in reality an uncivilization, was built on the Tower of Babel assumption that man’s intellect, unaided by the grace of God, can reach the heavens. The end result of that ‘exalted’ reasoning has placed us in hell on earth.

There are a number of James Fitzpatrick films from the early 1950s in which he visits rural communities in Holland, Denmark, and Switzerland. Those communities, which are racially and ethnically homogeneous, seem to be, in Fitzpatrick’s eyes, and in my eyes, as close as human beings can get to heaven on earth. Death and suffering still exist in those communities, but the man-made tragedies that increase human suffering and the religious despair at the hour of death that exist in the more ‘advanced’ nations are not a part of those communities. However, at the end of those marvelous vignettes, Fitzpatrick and I part company, because he attributes the magnificence of those provincial white communities to democracy. Au contraire! It is democracy, the government of diversity and equality, that ultimately brought down those white, provincial cultures. The people depicted in the Fitzpatrick films were living in nations that still adhered to a Christian ethos, and many of the older members of those communities still retained a faith in the miracle culture of old Europe. When that faith faded, the ethos started fading, and by the 21st century those white Christian communities were non-communities in a non-nation. Neither capitalism, socialism, distributism, nor any other theory of economic development can restore such non-nations. They are dead, as we are dead as individuals if we do not reject the theories of liberalism, classical and mad-dog, and return to the faith of the people who walked on water because they believed in the Son of God.

The mad-dog liberals and the classical liberals seem to be at odds during this coronavirus crisis, but they are not at odds on that which is essential, that the culture of the antique Europeans should be seen through the eyes of the heart and recognized for what it was – the miracle culture of the people who saw His blood upon the rose. They made His incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection from the dead part of their blood. The statistical culture of the mad-dog liberals and the classical liberals is built on the assumption that what is essential is not essential. The mad-dog liberals say that Christ be not risen, and the conservatives tell us that whether Christ be risen or Christ be not risen is irrelevant – what is necessary is that we adhere to the proper philosophy. What unites the liberal and the conservatives is their love of the negro and their rejection of the miracle culture of the antique Europeans.

Mankind must have a personal savior; if they will not have Christ because His resurrection from the dead is unscientific, then they will have the noble savage as their savior. During this so-called health crisis, the real crisis, the vicious, unrelenting attack on the white race by the heathens of color has increased tenfold. And the liberals who encourage the attacks and the conservatives who are indifferent to the attacks still keep arguing about economics. (1) The only economy that we should worry about is ignored — we should preserve our spiritual economy, the miracle culture of the antique Europeans. Go and learn what Dostoevsky’s Stepan Trofimovich meant when he said that Shakespeare was more important than shoes. Our lives are indeed a miracle; we are either connected to His miracle or we are nothing. Our modern uncivilization is a wheel of fire. If we look back to that other civilization, to His Europe, we can know something of the divine love which transcends statistics, plagues, and economic theories. There must be more to our faith than an adherence to the laws of an organized church. We must have something inside of us that allows us to transcend the law in order to live in Him and through Him. +


(1) On a daily basis innocent whites are murdered by black barbarians. The black murder plague is far worse than the plague called the coronavirus. When Tommie Lindh, the white, 19-year-old, Swedish man, was murdered trying to stop a black barbarian from raping a white girl, the liberal and conservative media were silent, as they are always silent in the face of the murder of a white by a black. But when a black criminal dies while being arrested by white policemen, the media explodes with condemnations of white racism, and the black barbarians seize the moment to increase their burnings, lootings, rapes, and murders. We live in the midst of diversity-created plagues – coronavirus and black – that have one source: the hatred of the Christ-bearing race. When our churchmen stop hating the white race and start defending His Europe, when the liberals are opposed instead of appeased, then we will begin to see some light in the darkness.

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