In the Name of All That is Holy

No colored person is ever guilty of ethnic intimidation. Only whites can be guilty of such a crime. Prejudices are good if they stem from colored peoples’ prejudices against whites, but they are evil if they stem from whites’ prejudices against colored people. The long and short of the whole business of race, as the liberals have set it up, is that the white man is evil, and the colored tribesmen, particularly the blacks, are good. And since prejudice is connected to our moral sentiments, the liberals think it is good that blacks and other colored tribesmen should indulge their prejudices because nothing but good can come from them. And it is wrong for white people to indulge their prejudices since white people are evil. So in order to fight evil we all must fight against prejudice, but only one kind of prejudice, the prejudice of white people. –CWNY


A Jewish billionaire allegedly makes a racist remark to his black mistress, and the liberal establishment goes into their usual theatrical ranting and raving, which always culminates in the tearing of their garments and the cry of, “The Negro, our God, is one.” Julia Ward Howe, feminist, Unitarian foe of traditional Christianity, and a negro worshipper, would be proud of her modern day descendants. After all, she wrote the liberals’ national anthem, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” It is quintessentially liberal. Using Christian imagery while defaming the God-Man who is the source of the imagery, Howe calls for an apocalyptic war against racist whites in the name of the sacred negro. A good deal of fundamentalist Christians, past and present, thought and still think that Howe’s lines, “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the Lord,” refers to the second coming of Christ. Far from it. Howe’s lines prophesy the new age of utopia in which the negro is to be elevated to the status of God. The Union’s victory in the Civil War was an important step on the road to Howe’s utopia. Our modern European nations represent the fulfillment of her wildest fantasies. The terrible swift sword of the negro-worshipping liberals hews down the racist Europeans and makes all the world free to sing hosannas to nature and nature’s god.

The liberals’ reaction to even the smallest sign of what they term “racism” is an indication of a new phase of liberalism. They no longer, as they did in the early 1960s, talk about defending the rights of people with unpopular opinions. Now they tell us that racism is ‘beyond due process.’ No one has a right to utter racist opinions, even in the privacy of their own home. This new zero tolerance indicates that the liberals are no longer worried that they might be out of power someday and might need due process to cloak their deeds of darkness. They have made the assessment that liberalism has triumphed, and there is no longer any need to cover up what terms such as ‘civil rights’ and ‘inclusion’ were meant to hide: the implementation of a liberal theocracy with the sacred negro as the lodestar of that theocracy.

The descendants of Julia Ward Howe have done it. They’ve built the kingdom of hell right here on earth. When the Europeans saw, through a glass darkly, that the living God had come to dwell with them at their hearth fires and in their hearts, they let their lives reflect His divine love and mercy. Through their love of their people, they responded to His love for them. They became the liturgy of the Christian church. It has been Satan’s mission to destroy that liturgy and replace it with his own. Using the signs and symbols of Christianity and individuals possessed with a hatred for Christ and his people, such as Julia Ward Howe, Satan has destroyed the incorporate union between God and His people.

Human souls are complicated. We can never know all the factors that make some succumb to liberalism and others reject it. But we do know that liberalism, with its attendant negro worship, is from the devil and must be resisted. But we can’t reason with people who have a faith that is beyond reason. One must respond to their unreasoning hate-filled faith with a faith in the God who bids us love with a love that is beyond mere reason. The liberals are possessed with a demonic faith, and the grazers have been beaten down by Satan’s liturgy: “The white man is evil, the Black man is good, the white man is evil, the Black man is good… Blessed be the name of the Black man forever and ever. Amen.” Only a people who love much, in Christ and through their people, can come to grips with and defeat the enemy behind that perverse liturgy.

The seemingly hopeless plight of the white man is the result of the de-Christianizing of the Christian churches. The downward spiral to oblivion will continue throughout the white nations (soon to be colored nations) so long as Christ remains part of a rationalist system which only theologians and theological clergymen have access to. Theology has no racial hearth fire; hence, there is nothing in theology to stir a man’s passions. The theological Christ is a distant God who occasionally goes to ecumenical teas and civil rights rallies, but he is not the God of our ascending race. We need our hearth-fire Christ, now and at the hour of our death. Death has no sting if our hearth-fire Christ is present, and our people, as a people, will never die if He is present. The negro-worshipping liberals and the church-going Christians who fuse negro-worship with Christian worship have left the hearth-fire Christ in the dustbin of history. Those few who still believe in the sacred channels of grace that can only be found at our racial hearth fires will still see the living God. Nothing is impossible for such men. Satan knows this, which is why, having separated the European from his racial hearth fire, he wants to make sure that the European remains eternally separated from it.

In Walt Disney’s Peter Pan, Wendy’s father, who never believed in the Peter Pan story, sees, at the end of the film, a shadow of Peter Pan riding through the air in his ship. After seeing that vision through a glass darkly, Mr. Darling declares that he seems to remember such a vision from a time long, long ago. Yes, those “pilgrim shadows” remind us of our European youth when we were connected, through our mysterious human relationships, to a fairy tale God who loved us in and through the people of our race.

The Christian churches have become adjuncts for Satan because they have made adherence to man-made theology the litmus test for faith. To know the formula of salvation has become more important than knowing the God who transcends the formula. In their youth, when they knew God through His human channels of grace, the Europeans were genuine human beings placing themselves in the hand of God and defying the devil and all his works. Now, having forsaken the living God for a universal God who has no basis in reality the European people are a people without a faith, which makes them a people without a local habitation and a name. Who are the Europeans? They are the men and women who must offer up their blood to the gods of color in order to atone for the white man’s past sins against the negro gods. Every day the sacrificial rites are performed. Whites are raped and murdered while liberals applaud and churchmen tell us we mustn’t be prejudiced and violent because of a few playful indiscretions of the godlike negro. After all, who are we to question our gods?

All the wrath of church and state is brought to bear against any white who does not seem to be in a state of rapture about the sanctity of the black race. This is called “fighting racism.” There are no racist whites, which is regrettable, but there is an infinitude of black racists who want to exterminate the white race. Shouldn’t that type of racism be of more concern than the offhand remarks of a Jewish billionaire? The brave new world we live in is a satanic reversal of everything we once held to be true and noble and good. The prejudiced Europeans once believed that the colored races who had no concept of charity and mercy had to be controlled lest they overwhelm the European people and impose their own merciless reign of terror on white people. Now Europeans believe that they must atone for their whiteness by sacrificing their people to the gods of color. Why must we do this? Why do popes, bishops, and ministers of the Gospel join with the jackals of Liberaldom to tell whites that they must hate not only their ancestors but also their children if they are ever going to inherit the kingdom of heaven? Such a heaven is really a hell, and we can’t, in the name of all that is holy, submit to the ethos of hell, no matter that our clergyman and their liberal overlords tell us we must. But that is the issue. The liberals and the self-serving clergy are acting in accord with all that they think is holy. To them the negro and the lesser gods of color are holy, and whoever denies that tenet of faith is a blasphemer and will be dealt with accordingly.

The French Revolution revealed the extent to which men possessed by a satanic ideology would go to eradicate all people opposed to their ideology. The race war is the logical extension of the French Revolution. In the name of the people of color, who are the only true people, the white race must cease to exist.

It certainly seems like the end of the European people. But we are the people of the storybooks. If a few Europeans would stand up for storybook Europe, the Europe that still lives in our racial memory, the forces of Babylon, no matter how many their number will be defeated. We simply need to believe as the best of the European people believed: “Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this world? Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?” Yes, He has. We are Pickwick, we are Ivanhoe, we are the Europeans, the foolish ones who believe that faith, hope, and charity will defeat negro worshipping liberalism. +

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