These are not natural events;
they strengthen
From strange to stranger.

-The Tempest


I recently saw a televised debate between a mad-dog liberal Democrat and a liberal-conservative Republican. They were debating Obamacare. The liberal-conservative, who seemed to have actually read Obama’s health care plan, quoted chapter and verse from it and told the viewers why the plan would be bad for the American people. The mad-dog liberal did not deem to answer one single point raised by the liberal-conservative. Instead, he simply played the race card. All opposition to Obama’s health care plan was racist, case closed. The liberal-conservative had all the wind taken out of his sails and spent the rest of the debate defending himself against charges of racism.

I turned off the debate, which was no longer a debate but a televised show trial. The conservative-liberal was desperately trying to defend himself against the charge of Racism. And wasn’t that show trial a mini-preview of the upcoming Presidential election? Romney will make some critique of one of Obama’s programs, and the mad-dog liberals will turn the tables on him with the race card. And Romney will run and hide under the bed. As Yogi Berra once said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” It’s the old infallibility debate. During John Paul II’s reign of terror, the papolators squelched all opposition to John Paul II’s liberalism by playing the Pope card, just as the mad-dog liberals trump all opposition by playing the race card in defense of Obama. What will happen when a black man becomes Pope? That could cause a schism; there will be two Popes.

Maybe the time will never come when we have two Popes, but let’s not delude ourselves about the fact that we do have a black Pope. Obama’s election and his continuance in office is the result of the religious fervor of white Americans. If white people did not worship the Noble Black Savage, Obama would not be our Presidential Pope.

If by some chance Obama should lose the upcoming Presidential election, the liberals will become sedevacantists. The throne will be vacant, so they will worship and obey a composite collection of black Popes from the past and present, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela. And they will continue to clamor for a new black Pope to fill the vacant throne because in the eyes of the liberals a white man is, by virtue of his whiteness, a heretic outside the ken of humanity. In Liberaldom only the colored races are considered fully human. The upcoming election will not change the religion of the white race. Whether Romney wins or Obama wins, the worship of the negro will continue to be the state religion of the European people.

Ronald Reagan was not precisely correct when he called the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire.” The Soviet Union was an evil country within the evil empire of Liberaldom. Every modern European nation is part of that evil empire and the evil empire acknowledges the negro as God. The edifice of negro worship is science. If you criticize science you are considered a Luddite who is against life-saving advances in medicine. But science is so much more than some practical inventions that have helped men to adjust to their natural environment. Modern science is a monstrous man-child that has turned against his parent. It is one thing, which is far from harmful, to look at the world of nature in order to see how human suffering can be alleviated by obtaining some mastery of the laws of nature. It is quite another thing to try to scientize God, to make Him into a God who is confined within a natural process called nature. The “educated” men — and all Europeans believe themselves to be educated men – do not believe that the visible material world of nature is a pale reflection of a far greater spiritual world. They believe in a world of fact and science. Thomas Gradgrind’s philosophy of education has become the credo of the modern European:

“Now, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them. This is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, Sir!”

A world of fact and science needs a god who is of this world only. That is why the future-oriented “intelligent” men such as Voltaire and Rousseau, choose to worship the Noble Savage instead of Christ. But such a horrendous falling off, from Christ to the Noble Savage, is a return to paganism. The liberal envisions some kind of synthesis of the Greek intellectual tradition with the earthiness of the vital and natural people of the colored races: “They’re so authentic.” Wine, cheese, avocado dip, and couples of every color and sex pairing off for moonlight trysts under the spreading palms. Such are the fantasies of the liberals. But it doesn’t happen like that. Since the coming of Christ the light is greater, but so are the shadows. It is all or nothing for the white man. He can’t have just a little bit of paganism, a nice pleasant Greek idyll. The idyll will quickly become a nightmare from which the white man will be incapable of escaping. He feels the void in his soul, but he does not seek to fill the void in his soul by repentance. Instead he goes deeper into hell. The paganism of the Greeks is on the outer circle of hell; the post-Christian white man feels driven to go further down and closer to Satan. He is like a drug addict who needs larger and stronger doses of his drug in order to keep reality at bay. And sadly the reality of Christ crucified, Christ risen that the white man wants to keep at bay, is the only reality that will cure the white European. Until he looks up and seeks the light, he will continue to make his descent into hell with the demons of black barbarism scourging him every inch of the way.

The modern European world has a nightmarish quality to it because there is no room in the nations of Europe for the people and the culture of Europe. If you go out into a major European city you will see large groups of colored barbarians determined to infuse their cultural values of rape, murder, and mayhem on the Europeans. If you wander into a European church, any denomination will do, you will not hear anything about the Christ of the European people. You will hear of the social worker Christ who died to make future generations free to worship the noble black savage. And lest you think you will escape from your nightmare into leisure sports, the liberals have made it clear that all sporting events must be connected to the religious life of the people, so no sporting event is valid that doesn’t have negroes in it.

The reigning credo of liberalism is that all white men are evil and all evil men are white. This will be the ruling principle of Liberaldom so long as nature is our god. Listen to Robespierre on the 8th of June, 1794, when he spoke at the festival in honor of the Supreme Being:

“The Universe is here assembled! O, Nature, how sublime, how exquisite is thy power! How tyrants must quail at the contemplation of this festival!”

And who were the tyrants? Anyone who opposed Robespierre’s abstract idea of nature. And the work goes on. Rival factions of Jacobins called Republicans and Democrats, Tories and Laborites, socialists and Christian democrats, will oppose each other, but they are all working toward one goal, the murder of the ancient regime, which is Christian Europe. All white men are connected by blood to the ancient regime, whether they like it or not. It is ordained that they must die so nature can rule. Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France, spoke for every European nation when he said France is a “regicide country.” Yes, indeed France is a regicide country, and so are we all, the European people, members of regicide nations. We have forgotten that we are the Christ-bearers who were born to bear witness to the God who transcends nature: “there is in this business more than nature, Was ever conduct of.”

If there isn’t something more to the business of life than mere nature, if indeed Christ be not risen, then the liberals and the neopagans are right. Let’s return to the paganism that provides the most creature comforts. But if Christ is risen we cannot live in peaceful accord with the regicides of Liberaldom whether they call themselves liberals, conservatives, or neopagans.

The modern Jacobins of Liberaldom, who believe in their own abstracted world of noble savages and enlightened white people can make Christ into whatever they want Him to be. He can be a social worker who supports integration, a tolerant good fellow who supports homosexuality and a woman’s right to choose, or a lesser god who worships the black gods right alongside of the Jacobins. But the Christian European has a different relationship with Christ. His Christ is the Living God, whom the European people took into their hearts and homes. We are honor-bound to bring Christ back into our European home and destroy the regicide liberals. They have turned Christian Europe into a Babylonian whorehouse which is roughly equivalent to our modern college campuses. In such a “natural” setting the Jacobins can satisfy their lusts of the flesh and their pride of the intellect. Let us bid the hell hounds turn and fight to the death.

It is not a case of fixing a process that has gone wrong. The democratic process has not gone wrong. It was always wrong. The evil mind behind democracy is Satan. He wanted, and still wants, to destroy the Christ-bearing people, and by doing so he hopes to deal a death blow to God. The European no longer sees through the same eyes as the Europeans of the past. He doesn’t see Europeans as His people, who are involved in a war with Satan and his colored minions, but he still sees images of good and evil. He sees the forces of democracy, with the negro as their god, fighting evil white men who are trying to return mankind to the unscientific, unenlightened era of the Europeans. But look at the nightmare world the negro worshipping liberals, who see nothing but evil in old Europe, have created. What world, antique Europe or their hell on earth, are we honor bound to champion? +

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