The Living Hell of Utopia

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. It comes nearer to the cold malignity of a wicked spirit than to the frailty and passion of a man. It is like that of the principle of evil himself, incorporeal, pure, unmixed, dephlegmated, defecated evil. It is no easy operation to eradicate humanity from the human breast. What Shakespeare calls “the compunctious visitings of nature” will sometimes knock at their hearts, and protest against their murderous speculations. But they have a means of compounding with their nature. Their humanity is not dissolved. They only give it a long prorogation. They are ready to declare, that they do not think two thousand years too long a period for the good that they pursue. It is remarkable, that they never see any way to their projected good but by the road of some evil. Their imagination is not fatigued with the contemplation of human suffering through the wild waste of centuries added to centuries of misery and desolation. Their humanity is at their horizon-and, like the horizon, it always flies before them. The geometricians, and the chemists, bring, the one from the dry bones of their diagrams, and the other from the soot of their furnaces, dispositions that make them worse than indifferent about those feelings and habitudes, which are the support of the moral world. –  Burke


I admire those people who grow their own food and eat what they grow, but I am not that self-sufficient. I still must depend on the grocery stores for my food. And it is mostly at the grocery stores that I get to rub shoulders with the white hoi polloi. The other day I listened to two white female checkout clerks (both mid-fortyish) going on about a black rapper named Snoop Dog. They and their children just love Snoop Dogg. And both women were also professed born again Christians. Has it come to this? Is Christianity synonymous with the worship of black rappers? Do all Europeans feel an uncontrollable desire to abase themselves before their black gods? The answer to both questions is, unfortunately, yes. Those two women were mothers. They were what would be called ordinary white people, which is what makes it all the more tragic. We know how debased and satanic academics are, but if the black worshipping faith has spread to run-of-the-mill working class whites, which it most certainly has, there is a greater need in Europe than ever before for hearts of fire who will oppose negro worshipping liberalism. When “Christian” white women say Snoop Dogg’s name with the reverence once reserved for His name, it is time to draw the sword and throw the sheath away.

It is truly astounding when we read the writings of the 20th century academics, authors, theologians and thinkers to see that none of them saw fit to write about the Europeans’ struggle to survive as a people in the face of the unrelenting hatred of the liberals and the colored barbarians. It was as if there was a code of silence, rigidly enforced, that forbade conservatives and liberals from mentioning the black rhinoceros in the living room. Long tomes were written by the liberals about the glories of communism, and long tomes were written by the conservatives about the evils of communism, but nowhere, in the “respectable” books and journals of the European intelligentsia do we find any concern for the survival of the European people. The British and the Americans fought for democracy in both world wars and for the democratic version of egalitarianism after World War II, but they never fought for the white race. Quite the contrary, it seemed to be a given (though we don’t know when it was decided) in the 20th century, particularly in the latter half, that the white man should obligingly disappear from the face of the earth. If he wasn’t willing to disappear quietly, he would be exterminated. And sadly, there is no difference between the anti-European writings and speeches of the Christian clergymen, whose churches were founded by Europeans, and the liberals’ anti-European diatribes. The conservative intelligentsia, the liberal intelligentsia, and the clerical intelligentsia were all of one accord: “the white man must cease to exist.”

The 20th century was the century when the European intelligentsia won over the European people to a systems analysis view of existence. Since all of life could be comprehended, the experts told us, by analyzing nature in all of its components, the intelligent man need only decide which systems analysis expert was correct and go with him. The democratic capitalist expert, the communist expert, the distributist expert, the religious expert were in their Gnostic view of existence all compact. The European people ceased to be a people; they became raw material. And lo and behold, it was discovered that white people were defective raw material. Utopia could not be built with such spoiled raw material. The natural, vital people of color were the stuff that the utopians of the right and left dreamed of. The magic world of the utopian theologians, the utopian paradise of democratic government, the communist peoples’ republic, etc., could only come to fruition if the existing world order ceased to exist. And who (in the diseased minds of the utopian intellectuals of the 20th century) had been running the world and ruling the world for over 2,000 years? White people, of course. So it is white people that must perish. The utopians say that white people must vacate the earth because they fought senseless wars, because they were cruel, because they were unjust, and ten thousand other becauses. But not one of those reasons is the real reason that white utopians must destroy the white race. The white man must perish so the utopians’ abstract vision of a perfect world can live. The Jesuits in the 1500s in Paraguay wanted only pure Indians in their perfect state, just as the modern democratic wizards and magicians want only pure and vital negroes in their perfect state. The brilliant intellectuals of the 20th century thought they were ushering in a new world when in reality they were returning to the wizardry of paganism. “Mumbo jumbo, presto, dynamo, when the white race goes poof, we will all live in paradise.”

What lies behind this magical new world? But wait, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to ask who lurks behind the many masks of utopia? Satan is the mastermind behind all the utopian schemes. Utopian fantasies which eliminate white people only come from white people because it was whites who made Christianity a blood faith. Burned deep into the blood of the white man is a consciousness of Christ and a consciousness of Satan. In turning from Christ the whites have turned to Satan. Isn’t hell the ultimate utopia, a great intelligence presiding over indistinct human beings without personalities, because they have effaced the image of God in man by diversifying their race and their faith?

The portal to utopian hell is racial diversity. And racial diversity is protected and defended by Satan. He uses the curse of stupidity to defend diversity. We are back in the Garden reliving our original sin. “Are you stupid enough to believe in some artificial boundary of God’s?” was the essence of Satan’s temptation. “All power and knowledge exists for those who defy God’s boundaries.” We can hear Satan today loud and clear, “Diversity will make you strong, you shall be as gods, you will no longer be stupid.”

Only the third dumb brothers of fairy tale renown will be courageous enough to defy Satan’s charge of stupidity. Shakespeare was one such third dumb brother when he championed the little human things that make us great:

“I will hear that play;
For never anything can be amiss,
When simpleness and duty tender it.”

Yes, the simple play of our lives, as God ordained, will always be stupid in the reptilian eyes of Satan and in the soul-dead eyes of the white intelligentsia. Who dares to be stupid and risk their ridicule? No one dares in this most decadent of times. But that other third dumb brother, Edmund Burke, dared: “… in this enlightened age I am bold enough to confess that we are generally men of untaught feelings; that instead of casting away all our old prejudices, we cherish them to a very considerable degree…”

And we should be so bold as well. Our race is part of our soul, a gift from God; we haven’t the right to destroy God’s gift. The intelligentsia of church, academy, press, and state were and are the pied pipers of diversity. When the European people followed their lead, they became one aggregate herd of swine that are to be disposed of as quickly as possible.

The Europeans have ceded their birthright to the systems analysis men. If I were to read you a short summary of one of Shakespeare’s plays, the play would seem quite simple, just like a man’s life: “He was born, he mated, and he died.” But within Shakespeare’s simple plays are insights that cut to the heart of existence. If we didn’t read the plays but just settled for the plot summaries, we would never see life through Shakespeare’s penetrating eyes. And if we ignore a man’s connections to a particular family, race, and nation – those small units of the spirit that constitute a man’s soul – we will not have any knowledge of the essential man, we will only know a generic man doomed to live as an abstraction and then to die, ground into nothingness in the satanic mills of the utopians. It never ceases to amaze me when liberals feign concern about the suicide rate among white teenagers. Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of our modern educational system, the liquidation of white people? Those suicide victims are doing what they have been taught to do. Utopia means “not a place,” and people without a place commit suicide.

In an old musical the male lead declares that his attachment to his beloved has become “like breathing in and breathing out, it’s second nature to me now.” That is what the black worshipping faith has become to the white man – it’s second nature to him now. Years and years of relentless propaganda have turned the Christ-bearing people into the negro-worshipping people. The gas was turned on slowly, by degrees, so white people would not even notice they were breathing the deadly fumes of demonic negro worship. But we have all breathed the fumes, and virtually all of us are closer to negro-worshipping Europe than we are to Christian Europe. When I went to school, we were taught a song about the United Nations:

We are the United Nations of the world,
For peace, and freedom we stand…

The peace of the grave for white people and the freedom of hell for Satan’s colored minions.

The antique European living in the nowhere land of utopia needs to see the two separate worlds of Christian Europe and negro-worshipping Europe clearly. In the first world is all that makes life worth living: our families, our race, and our God. In that second world is unspeakable evil: “We have come face to face with a spirit of evil so strong as to be almost visible and tangible – a foe to all that is normal, sane, and creative, like the evil possessions recorded in the New Testament.“ Only a blood faith, our ancient faith, can exorcise the mind-forged demon faith from our souls.

We are engaged in a battle that is of Shakespearean proportions. Hamlet knew he had to kill Claudius because Claudius had –

Kill’d my king and whor’d my mother,
Popp’d in between  th’ election and my hopes…

The utopian liberals have killed our kith and kin, whor’d our native land, and placed the sacred black man on the altar where Christ should dwell. What should our response be to such inhuman savagery? Should we consent to our own oblivion because we are afraid of being called stupid and prejudiced? Should we consent to the death of Christian Europe because utopian liberals have decreed that sacred negroes like Snoop Dogg are the new gods of utopia? We have our eternal no, and we have fire and sword. The interim is ours. +

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